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Sherpa Society, Sustainability Hero Change Agents!

Your lifetime adventure in Nepal, leaving BUT meaningful footprints behind...

Trekking in Nepal has been one of the most hard and amazing experiences that we have gone through. We spent 17 days doing the Three Pases Trek & Everest Base Camp with our wonderful guide Ngawang and the Himalayas as the perfect setting. It was challenging but 100% memorable and recomendable.

You will have more pictures of our adventure further on, keep reading...

As you might recall part of our traveling is to spread the better together process, voluntarily providing a sustainability assessment and a certification to those organizations that we bump into. If you do not remember you can go to the post Part 2: The Mission where we explain it all.

Sherpa Society


Since 1973, Sherpa Society has been organizing memorable holidays: adventure tours, trekking experiences and travels that are sustainable and responsible for all: foreigners & locals.

During the full process of our trekking we secretly evaluated 5 categories: Overall Management, Environment, Community, Economy and Workforce.

Congratulations for the good work and sustainable tourism efforts to the full team that make Sherpa Society possible!

Here you have the results of their assessment & their Certificate.

You can check out & contact Sherpa Society using the following links:

Hero Change Agents:

You can check out & contact Sherpa Society using the following links:

Here you have some of the pictures from our trekking. You can follow our worldtour daily on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

Where can you get updates of all of this?

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If you know of any organization that would be interested or would need some help please go to our contact section and leave us a message through the Quote questionnaire.


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