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Online Sustainability Training Platform!

It has never been this easy to become a Sustainability Expert!

The Online Sustainability Training Platform offers 4 modules with videos, downloadable templates and guidelines to effectively design and implement your sustainability strategy! What is covered: Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainable Strategy Design and Implementation, Communication Plan & Reporting!

Join the 140 000 people that already use the better together Sustainability process! Learn all about it, have lifetime access and enjoy your new set of skills applicable to all projects!

We are celebrating the success of our Training Platform and will offer it for this month at a special price! LIFETIME online access to all that you need to fully implement your Sustainability Strategy! Changing the way in which you do business, generating IMPACT for all, contributing to global challenges and DOING your part!

You will have all the materials you need such as: Guidelines, Videos, Articles & Downloadable Templates. This platform teaches your teams in 4 modules HOW to implement sustainability. ENABLING them to set up the purpose and strategy. EMPOWERING them with the tools they need to get it done!

Benefits this Platform provides?

Higher employee engagement

Increase in accountability and responsibility

Long-term sustainability results

Maximized positive impact

Talent attraction

A sustainability strategy that makes sense with your business

What is covered in the training?

1. Define your Massive Transformative Purpose

2. Identify & Engage your Stakeholders

3. Define & Implement your Sustainability Strategy

4. Communication Plan & Continuously Improvement framework

How long does it take?

Depends on how focused you are and how much time you spend on it. I´ve seen it done in 3 months and the average completion time is 6 months.

Will you have support?

YES! we won´t leave you all alone... you will have a specialized consulting session to go over all the details you want. we will let you know how well off you are and any improvements you need.


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