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Marie Fe & Jake Snow, Sustainability Star Supporters!

When Influencers & Sustainability are a perfect match!

We have always said that sustainability can be applied to all and we have always focused on specially helping out startups and SMEs because of the great potential they have.

This time we have gone one step ahead and included into our assessments Influencers! Because as the name expresses they have an impact on peoples lives, they create trends and social movements. They have a great audience focused on what they are doing and how they are doing it. Most importantly, many want to be like them and because of that they have a great responsibility in being a good role model.

Here is when we got to know the story of Marie Fe & Jake Snow, a couple traveling the world and following clear sustainability lifestyles. This is why we have included them into our sustainability assessments.

As you might recall part of our own world tour is to spread the better together process, voluntarily providing a sustainability assessment and a certification to those organizations that we bump into. If you do not remember you can go to the post Part 2: The Mission where we explain it all.

Marie Fe & Jake Snow

A young adventurous couples living life as they dreamt of it. Keep reading to see how they have mastered the art of a sustainable lifestyle that suits them and the planet.

Because Influencers are a completely new category we have changed a bit the criteria for the category and thus we secretly evaluated their account, what they do, how they do it and their story focusing specially on : Transformative Purpose, Environment, Community, Economy and Value Creation.

Congratulations for the good work and sustainable lifestyle efforts to both of you!

Here you have the results of their assessment & their Certificate.

You can check out Marie Fe & Jake Snow on:

Star Supporters:

You can check out Marie Fe & Jake Snow on:

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