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Sustainability Implementation has been associated for too long with big corporations and big deployment of efforts because of...

- Complicated Processes

- Expensive Resources

- Lack of ROI

- Time consuming effort

- No real impact


We believe sustainability can made simple, effective and affordable. Adapted to all. Big and small.

Let us show you it is possible, and the benefits it can bring to your company.

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Who we are

Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

Elisa holds a Masters degree in International Corporate Social Responsibility and has 5+ years of experience working as a sustainability expert. She has worked with international companies in a variety of sectors as well as start-ups and small-scale companies.

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Our Values

Understanding your reality will always be our first step. We will walk in your shoes and so that we can walk together once we know what it’s like at your end.
We will integrate all your needs and constraints into simple and effective solutions. The biggest power & impact resides in simplicity.
We’re always on the lookout for new ways to enhance your business. We always give you the best we can, and all that we have to offer.
Creativity in innovation
We make a big effort in adapting and being innovative. Integrating all the changes that might come up while being creative.
Stay Positive
Making out the best out of any situation and bringing along a big smile is second nature to us. 

Get in touch.

Av. Dom Jeronimo Osorio,

1400-119 Lisboa

(+34) 663 69 60 75

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