Part 2- The mission

Our mission: to spread the better together process to create a community of sustainability changemakers!

While travelling we have very clear that the values and mission of better together will be present and we will engage and empower who we meet.

Because sustainability can be adapted to all, we will engage with local communities businesses to evaluate their sustainability rate, offer some simple, effective and understandable insights and create a connection! watch how we do this!

We want to ultimately empower these organisations and enable them to be as sustainable as they can. We will learn so much from this interaction and process that it will surely make us both better professionals and better humans, we are thrilled to get started!

What will you be able to see, follow and learn?



We will promote and show you all the projects and organisations with whom we enagage during the trip, showing you what they do, how they do it and their level of sustainability. You will get plenty of ideas for your own work!



For each project we will determine their level of Sustainability based on three categories: Star Supporter, Hero Changeagent, Super Hero Champion. more about these categories in Part 3: The Rankings!

For the projects that fall under Hero Change agent and Super Hero Champion we will create a ranking with the top rated projects so you can follow along.

Don't miss the rankings as you will have access to great information on how they are effectively implementing Sustainability.

Remember that the aim is to identify how sustainable they are and to help them improve.



From all that we learn during the trip with the different projects, organisations and the trip itself we will create training material.


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If you know of any organisation that is interested or would need some help please go to our contact section and leave us a message through the Quote questionnaire.

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