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Indonesia, Water & Sustainability

We´ve been working hard for the last couple of months building the case to join three things: Indonesia, Water & Sustainability. We want to share with you the process we´ve followed to effectively fulfill our objective as well as the basic preliminary case.

So let´s start right from the start....

We get contacted to build the sustainability case of water and sanitation for Indonesia, the goal is to have all of the information and details to include into an ambitious new business plan which aims to significantly improve Water & Sanitation in Indonesia. After the initial meetings it was clear this project fulfilled all of our requirements: adding value for all, high dosis of sustainability, addresses global challenges such as Water & Sanitation, true interest in Sustainability (no green marketing involved) and the results will generate so much positive impact. We´re in, thank you!

Our process

Materiality Identification

Identifying how Sustainability will be embedded into all activities and areas, who stakeholders are and how to engage with them is the first step towards a great Sustainability Strategy.

Strategy & Impact Maximizing

With all the necessary information we designed the Sustainability Strategy and defined the actions to set in place. Of course, no plan is good without an impact monitoring and assessment framework - easy and effective. This controls all aspects of Sustainability enabling to improve and identify opportunities.

Reporting & Training

Reporting on Sustainability can be hard work. We create innovative, interactive and beautifully designed reports - easy to understand and easy to navigate - making sure the efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Implementing effectively Sustainability on the long-run requires that teams are both aware and engaged. This way you assure they feel responsible & accountable of the actions and results. So training is possibly one of the most important parts to guarantee true sustainability is maintained and evolves within the project.

Preliminary Report

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