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Part 1- The trip!

Where are we going?

  • We start off from Lisbon & Canary Islands: will most probably meet up in Barcelona.

  • Plane to San Petersburg: San Petersburg & Moscu.

  • Onboard the Transiberian/mongolian Train- around three weeks hoping on and off the train- in Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, China until Vietnam.

  • Plane to Nepal- one month trekkings: either Annapurnas or Everest Base Camp...still unclear about this :)!

  • Bhutan or Tibet? (can't do both... we'll see what we end up doing)

  • South East Asia- around 4 months in Asia: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, Phillipines, some parts of Indonesia....-

  • Plane back to Europe around February to kill family saudades.

  • Plane to Mexico- Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia-

  • Plane to Patagonia-Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru-Brazil

  • Plane...Back home to Lisbon!.....Will see.....

How much does this cost?

Our forecast and planning is a total of 16,000 euros each, for the whole year.

This includes:

  • Planes, Trains, Buses & General Transport

  • Food & Place to Sleep

  • Visas

  • Health Insurance

  • Some Small Extras: souvenirs, excursions, special trips....

Do we have the money? Are we worried?

Not all right now, some will hopefully be generated while we are travelling. Not all the time :) but we are always really excited! The main goal is to have fun and keep it going for as long as we can do it both: economically and emotionally.

How are we generating before and during the trip?

  • We've been working for 1 year double jobs (not easy all the time but totally worth it!- used site for freelancing jobs).

  • Sold our car.

  • Rent the house while we are gone. Beautiful apartment in Lisbon by the way !

  • Freelancing- Sustainability Consulting Services, done the better together way! :) if you want to meet up and get some work done drop us an email!

  • Use when possible Worldpackers! this will save us money and in exchange we will be able to live wonderful experiences helping out others. Check them out!

  • Contributions received via Patreon by our Super Heros! We will be giving a voice to those we engage with during the trip, generating sustainability changemakers check out our next post for more info on what is this about! Check us out & become a Super Hero.

.....Coming up Part 2: The Mission! .....

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