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Walk the talk, stop all the planning!

It's great to have plans but plans do not materialize in anything if you do not walk the talk!

Our advice is to forget big planning and focus on these 5 points:

1. Start moving & working

Send emails, contact people that might be able to help, start investigating what you have available and try it out! Be Proactive!

It is easier to figure out what you want and how you can do it, once you start working on it!

2. Ask for help & go to trainings

If there are certain aspects you do not know about, and with the available information it is not enough, ask for help!

Find out someone that is good at it and send them a message. Search for trainings, there are now really good online trainings that will help you understand and better grasp what you want.

3. Review your work

Spend some time reviewing what you have accomplished and thinking how you could do better. Sit back and observe what you have done globally and give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work!

PS: You do not have to be sat down looking in a computer to do this! We highly recommend you to do this while you are outdoors with great views!

4. Be kind with yourself

Remember to be kind with yourself, don't give yourself the priviledge to treat you in any other way that you would treat a friend or colleagues. Starting a project is tough, you will have ups and downs! Make sure you celebrate the ups and not focus that much on the downs.

5. Identify the right time

Different works require different habilities, identifying when you are most fit to do certain tasks is crucial. If you are feeling creative getting the accounting done won't be a good idea! Open your blog and write a post instead or design a new product. Leave the accounting for when you feel you are more into numbers.

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