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Sustainability in Startups the key for happily ever after!

Startups are fast-paced, full of ambition, motivation, hard work and overdosed with Passion!

Normally composed by a reduced team of experts which have as number one priority to create an outstanding product/service & secondly to effectively achieve the right investments.

As Steven Cohen stated, you have to spend time sharpening the saw if you want to be more productive!

Implementing sustainability is "sharpening the saw" !

In order for startups to survive and thrive they will need to keep up with the fast-paced reality of changes! Sustainability will enable them to identify and control effectively, every step of the way, how they do business and embrace opportunitites while addresing risks.

Sustainability can be simple

If implemented and established right from the start sustaianbility can be simple, effective and affordable!

Creating a culture which embraces social responsibility, environmental impact prevention and profitability is much easier when you are a team of 1-10 than when you are 1500 employees.

Starting early enables companies to embed sustainability in decision-making processes and onboard everybody in a common comprehensive approach.

Exponential growth needs sustainability

In the long run, exponential growth can only survive if sustainability is well embeded into business operations.

At any point, when you least expect it, any one of your stakeholders can decide to take a 180 degree turn in what they want. When that time arrives you need to be prepared.

If sustainability was implemented right from the start you will have a close relationship with your stakeholders, the change will not be something you had no idea about, and even if this was the case you will have the opportunity to speak to them openly about it and find a win-win solution. If there is no win-win, thanks to sustainability you will already know who your backup is and what you have to do.

Want more information on how to simply implement sustainability into your startup?

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