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IMSD Master Program EOI

At better together we are absolutely honoured to be able to spend some time with these amazing students of the IMSD course at EOI Madrid.

The International Master on Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (IMSD) aims to provide students with a cross-functional view on sustainability management. I have no doubt that these students will be in the short future, CHANGE-MAKERS and we love to share our time with them!

During our session together we explained our SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, UNDERSTANDABLE and AFFORDABLE system to implement sustainability in all types of businesses. Special focus on Startups and small organisations.

Amazing ideas full of added value for all!

Their Projects aim to address global challenges such as:

- Water Management

- Energy Management

- Waste Management

- Social Inclusion

- Increase awareness on environmental footprint

- Promote healthy lifestyles

Stay tuned to learn more of each amazing project!

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