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Sustainable Development Goals

Want to know how your organization can address the SDGs?

At better together we strongly believe that the success of the Global Sustainable Goals relies in each one of us, this is why we will ensure that all of our projects address and take into consideration as much sustainable development goals as possible.

Seventeen months ago, the 17 Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) were adopted by the United Nations. Achieving the Global Goals, with 2030 as dot on the horizon, is the responsibility of all actors in society, in all parts of the world.

The SDGs together act as a change agenda that can create more balance in the world and ensures nobody stays behind. An ambitious agenda, with 14 years to go.The targets that have been defined in areas like poverty, health, water and sanitation, inclusion, gender, peace, ecosystems on land and in the sea and responsible production and consumption, are closely related. They cannot be viewed individually and they cannot be solved individually.

This is the greatest challenge of today, how to interlink people, ecosystems and different interests, while polarization and nationalism are on the rise. The necessity to solve the 17 goals in conjunction with each other requires collaboration and crossing boundaries and comfort zones. Without fundamental changes to the way in which we design our society, nothing will be achieved. To stand still is to really go backwards.

New overarching views, inspired by the shared values and principles as described in the Earth Charter can make achieving these goals easier and innovate society in a lasting manner. We therefore stress the importance of managing the connecting framework that supports achieving the individual goals.

Want to know how your organisation can address these goals?


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