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Generating & Maximizing Positive Impact in infrastructure projects.

Since 2016, we have proudly been working with Fellgroup, an Austin based infrastructure construction company that is committed to successfully deliver your project under any conditions, with full transparency to all stakeholders.

Infrastructure development can be very powerful, however, projects designed and built without the consideration for long-term sustainability are destined to failure. Here is when we joined forces in order to help them successfully implement and achieve their massive transformative purpose: to enhance the wellbeing of a billion people by sustainably developing infrastructure and empowering communities where they work.

We designed a simple and impactful sustainability model, which takes into consideration the purpose, values and objectives of Fellgroup towards its activity.

Once we had our principles and objectives clear we designed a simple, effective and understandable impact & sustainability methodology. The methodology guides project managers in their day-to-day work and enables us to measure and maximize impact.

Here you have an overview of the areas on which we focus & the results so far!

Talent is universal,

Opportunity is not!

TOGETHER we can empower all!

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