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A sustainability driven generation has arrived to the office! Get to know them!

Purpose-driven employees are on the rise! They want to work in a meaningful company and have a positive impact on the world!

How can businesses assure they work for them and manage retention?

1. Establish a real company culture & a Massive Transformative Purpose

There’s a secret to motivating individuals and teams to do great things: It’s purpose.

Social movements, rapidly growing organizations, and remarkable breakthroughs in science and technology have something in common—they’re often byproducts of a deeply unifying purpose. There’s a name for this breed of motivation. It’s called massive transformative purpose or MTP.

Setting out to solve big problems brings purpose and meaning to work—it gives us a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning and face another day.

2. Give them freedom

They need freedom to be creative, productive and effective. Let them work on the projects they like, let them work on their own schedules and give them responsibility and decision-making power!

If objectives are setup you will not need to micromanage or control them, they will go for it!

3. Constructive Feedback

Provide them with feedback, needless to say that it must be constructive feedback.

Base yourself on examples and never use the frase: We have always done it like this!

Great innovations are born out of outstanding constructive feedback sessions!

4. Flexibility and Respect

Employees feel more engaged and motivated when they are in control of their lives: personal and profesional. Give them flexibility and offer your respect to the lifestyle they have chosen.

Not everybody wants to get married, have kids, travel the world or buy a house, ask or get informed before you want to offer them perks you assume they will want. Perhaps they will highly appreciate a training or tickets to a music event, be flexible and adapt to the different lifestyles.

The work place must not be a place where you are told or feel peer pressure on how to dress, how to behave and follow rules without questioning. We are adults when we enter the workplace and should be treated like that.

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