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Online Training: How to implement Sustainability in Big and Sm

Have a sneak-peak!

We are very excited to announce that we will start our Online Training Sessions!

Our Goal:

To enable you to design and implement Sustainability into your business!

What will this training provide you?

1. A clear definition of what Sustainability is for your company.

2. A replicable sustainability model for your operations.

3. A specific strategy, objectives and principles.

4. A simple and effective action plan.

5. The means for you to be able to manage sustainability easily.

You will leave the training with your Sustainability planned out!


60 min

Online Training - Skype

We can organize:

- one-to-one sessions or

- group sessions,

You decide what's best!


- one-to-one session: 80 euros plus follow up session for free!

- group sessions: 5 - 10 people: 30 euros/person

10- 20 people: 20 euros/person

- early bird inscription: until 30th May - have a 20% reduction in all prices!

Still not sure?

watch the video or,

drop us an email:

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